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Create a fun and healthy environment with this Children’s Cute Kitty Humidifier/ Aromatherapy Diffuser. Having a Diffuser running is a safe, effective way to use essential oils both therapeutically and for creating a calming environment. Essential oil molecules are dispersed into the air in their purest form, enhancing the effects of aromatherapy.

This cute Diffuser purifies & humidifies the air, bringing a sense of calm to your child.  It is potable and has a USB cord and has a huge 320ml capacity. Its perfect for your child room as it works silent it wont affect their sleep. It also comes with a night light & a fan! Simply add a few drops of your favourite essential oil & make it part of your child's bedtime routine.

USB - Portable

320ml Capacity

Continuous mode- 10 hours

intermittent mode- 20 hours

power type- USB

Comes with 2 accessories- Night light & Fan

Safety- will automatically switch off when water level gets low

Multi-functional: can be used as portable air purifier, electric fan and table lamp. Essential Oil diffuser. Works silently so more sleep for you! Less than 30db

How to use:

Spray button:
1. press button once: it starts spraying . 
2. press button twice: to be the intermittent mode of spray in 3 seconds and stop in 3 seconds.
3. press button 3 times-  it stops spraying.
LED light button: 
1. Connect led light, press the switch button for about 1.5-2 seconds, the fan/LED light up. and the humidifier itself light up too.
2. press twice- the light switches off

Package Includes 
 * humidifier
* fan   

* led light

* cotton for replacement

* manual