Chakra Incense- SACRAL CHAKRA

Chakra Incense- SACRAL CHAKRA

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SACRAL CHAKRA - Inspiring, soothing, sensual.

The sacral (Svadhisthana) chakra or spleen chakra is associated with sexuality, unbridled desire, and imagination.

Hand blended and rolled according to ancient tradition. All pure, natural ingredients including herbs, woods, gums, and essential oils.

These incense sticks are ideal for generating aromatic fragrances for your homes. The chakra incense sticks come with wooden holders and can be lit easily. The fancy jute bag packaging also makes them an ideal gift for all occasions. Available in 7 assorted fragrances

This incense not only smells wonderful, but also emits the beneficial vibrations of the plant essence which enhance the energy of the surroundings while burning.