Chakra Balancing Hematite Necklaces

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Chakra Balancing Hematite Necklaces

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7 Chakra Hematite Necklace

Hematite is known for its grounding & protection qualities,its a great stone to transform negative energy. It helps with focus and concentration and courage and strength..

The Seven Chakras are the centres in our bodies in which energy flows through.

Our chakras can become blocked and it's important to keep the energy flowing.

Base “I Belong” (Red) Located - Base of Spine (Carnelian)
* Survival * Independence * Security *

Sacral “I Feel” (Orange) Located - Below naval (Tigers Eye)
* Feelings * Pleasure * Sexuality * Well being *

Solar Plexus “I Can” (Yellow) Location - Upper Abdomen (Yellow Jade)
* Personal Power * Self-confidence * Self-control *

Heart “I Love” (Green) Location - Centre of chest (Green Aventurine)
* Ability to Love * Joy * Inner Peace *

Throat “I Speak” (Blue) Location - Throat (Lapis Lazuli)
* Communication * Relationships * Trust * Loyalty *

Third Eye “I See” (Indigo) Location - Forehead between eyes (Amethyst)
* Intuition * Imagination * Ability to make decisions * Psychic Abilities *

Crown “I Am” (White/Purple) Location - Top of Head (Clear Crystal)
* Spirituality * Connection to Divinity * Knowingness *


Necklace- 45cm

Stones- 8mm
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Georgina M.
Australia Australia
Just as Described

Loving my Necklace.